Zojirushi EC-DAC50 Review

A Great Machine The Zojirushi EC-DAC50

Finding out about all the different coffee makers is rather hard to do. However, if you are serious about coffee, then you want to do all the research you can to guarantee you are able to find the proper one for your needs. If you are low on budget, you can opt for single serve coffee makers as well.

This is when you should know some information about the Zojirushi EC-DAC50 Zutto 5-Cup Drip Coffeemaker and how it can help you in getting to know if this is the proper one for you or not. The problem is many people do not know about this machine at all and will end up bypassing it for the one which they think will suit them better then anything else they have ever used beforehand.

What Does The Zojirushi EC-DAC50 Do For You

You may start to ask yourself what the Zojirushi ec-dac50 will do for you and this is a good question for you to ask. However, you should know more about this machine before you assume this is just like any of the other coffee machines you are used to using. Without this type of information, it will be impossible for you to know this machine will help you brew the best cup of coffee around.


With many of the products you can buy you will find some positives of the machine, but you can also find the negatives. However, you need to make sure you know about the pros of the Zojirushi ec-dac50 to make an informed choice on the type of coffee maker you end up buying to use in your home or even at the office.

Brews up to five cups of coffee at 650 watts. When you are able to make this type of coffee in this size you do not have to worry about wasting any of the coffee you normally would have because you are not thirsty your employees decided not to drink any coffee this month. Without this option you may have trouble in getting to keep your coffee costs under control all the times.

Filter cones easily sit inside of the decanter. By having this sit down in the decanter you do not have to be concerned about it flooding over as much nor do you have to be worried about it causing you to have a ton of coffee grounds in your coffee cup. Without this you may have trouble in getting to enjoy your cup of coffee without having the grounds of coffee inside of the cup.

The concealed water reservoir will make it easy for you to hide the water from all of your guest seeing these. Without this, you may have to figure out how you can keep the water portion of your machine looking great all the time, but you may be fighting a losing battle since the water will constantly cause some type of condensation at times.

Automatic keep warm feature is something else you will like to see with your Zojirushi ec-dac50. When you have this feature, it will help to keep the water warm for you to use at a moments notice. Without this type of feature you may have trouble in getting to enjoy your cup of coffee in a timely manner because it can easily take quite a while for the machine to warm up the water.

Includes a replaceable water filter. This is not really a feature many people will think about, but with a water filter it can get clogged at times. When the machines filter gets clogged you may have problems getting your coffee or even worse have to replace the filter because it can be impossible to get water through the filter.

Actual Users Say This About The Zojirushi EC-DAC50

With almost any product people will always have something to say about the product. It can be good comments they leave or negative comments. However, you should make sure you look at the comments that users have left about the Zojirushi ec-dac50 to guarantee you know what kind of experience you can expect to have with the machine.

As actual Amazon customer Jay would say about the machine. “My wife and I have been using it for about three months now, and we still marvel at how well it works, and the quality of the coffee it makes.” So you can see they are still amazed after having used the machine for three months at the time of his comment. Neither him nor his wife have found any type of disappointment in the machine at any time and this can really help you realize the machine does hold true to the type of work it carries out.

Another Amazon user named Sylviadear would have this to say about the machine. “This makes the best coffee ever. It is easy to use, coffee is hot and delicious, pot is easy to clean.” So you can see this user really likes the way this machine is able to make the high quality cup of coffee she wants each and every time. Without this type of assurance it can be hard for you to know if you really are getting the best machine around. However, this is just an example of what the other users are saying about this machine and you can see these comments easily out rank all the other machines you have available.

You Should Do This Next For Your Zojirushi EC-DAC50

Getting to sit down in the morning at your office desk or your home table with a cup of coffee is always a good thing to do. However, you may find this is more of a challenge then what you are used to undertaking at times.

This is when you should learn about the Zojirushi EC-DAC50 Zutto 5-Cup Drip Coffeemaker and why this is the best machine for you to use. Once you know about this machine, you will want to make sure you head over to the sales page and make sure you buy yours today, then you can quickly enjoy the cups of coffee this machine can produce for you for years to come.

Krups KM7000 Review

About the Krups KM7000

Coffee not only tastes good but it is also healthy, according to many studies and researches, due to its antioxidant properties. Unfortunately, what isn’t healthy for you is the prices they are sold for at coffee shops, restaurants and cafes. Yes, one cup won’t kill your finances, but for the ultimate coffee lover who can drink up to 10 cups a day, it definitely proves to be an impractical decision.

Buying your own coffeemaker is a great money-wise decision. So which one do you buy? The most professional and well designed coffeemaker? Or the cheaply priced one? Is it too much to ask for both? The Krups KM7000 is an ideal choice for avid coffee drinkers and a must-have for a coffee addict’s kitchen. But why the coffeemaker among other options you can go with? Here is a detailed review for the Krups KM7000.

What It’ll Do For You

The Krups KM7000 is a grind and brew coffee maker. It is manufactured and designed by Krups, a well recognized and established German kitchen appliance manufacturer. With the KM7000, you get absolute ground control and overall coffee taste and flavor.

The main concept of this coffeemaker is that, coffee is much better when it’s produced from scratch. And what better machine to do it for you than the KM7000, right? This grinder and brewer renders all the controls for a world-class cup of coffee.

The process for KM7000 is quite simple and easy, even for amateur coffeemaker users and owners. Simply grind your choice of coffee beans and then brew at any one of the three brewing strength modes available. Shoppers will also love the fact that the product comes with a 1-year limited warranty. This gives you the peace of mind that you are buying a product that’s dependable and robust.

In terms of design, Krups KM7000 is simple yet very elegant. The black and silver finish with stainless steel lining truly makes for a stylish product that any owner will be proud to display inside their household. Both the coffee bean compartment and the coffee container are transparent, allowing you to see how much coffee you can make and how much coffee is available for drinking.

Viewing the KM7000, it is apparent that Krups has mastered the key elements to brewing a perfect cup of coffee from scratch. Fitted with all sorts of features and capabilities, the KRUPS KM7000 10-Cup Grind and Brew Coffee Maker with Stainless Steel Conical Burr Grinder truly is a wondrous kitchen appliance any coffee lover should have at home.


Up to 10 cups of coffee per brewing cycle. This cylindrical burr grinder and coffeemaker offers up to 10 cups of coffee.

Automated conical burr grinder. The features 5 grinding levels plus 3 brewing strength modes to choose from. This makes the coffee drinking experience much more exciting since you can try on new flavors and discover different coffee strengths that may better suit your palette.

2 to 10-cup digital setting. Choose from 2, 4, 6, 8 or 10 cups per brew. Whether you’re all alone, with a friend or a group, the KM7000 can make as many cups of consistent delicious and flavorful coffee in an instant.

Ergonomic design. Compactness and portability are two qualities that play of key role for many shoppers. The KM7000 is clocked at 11.5 inches long, 11.1 inches wide and 15.5 inches high with a light weight of 9 pounds. This makes it easier for owners to store the grinder/coffeemaker when not in use as well as transport it from place to place, such as vacations abroad or relocating to a new home.

2 to 4-cup aroma feature. This is a useful feature for those who brew in smaller amounts, usually 2 to 4 cups max.

Brew Pause feature. This can really go in handy at times when you need to leave home but can’t go without even a sip of coffee. The feature allows you to get coffee from the KM7000 while it is still in brewing cycle.

Water filtration. The KM7000 is designed to deliver only the purest and best quality coffee results with every brew it makes. A water filtration system ensures only the greatest tasting coffee from the KM7000.

Auto-off feature. Krups KM7000 automatically shuts itself off whenever it goes passive after a set period of time. This offers safety and security, and gives owners the peace of mind that their household won’t burst into flames resulting from an overheated coffeemaker.

Stainless steel burrs. The machine turns gradually to safeguard and preserve the coffee bean’s flavor and aroma.

Detachable filter basket. This feature imparts hassle-free and more convenient regular cleanups.

Customer Reviews

After my fifth Cuisinart Grind and Brew Coffee maker (3 different models) stopped functioning I decided on choosing a different brand. There were no reviews so I crossed my fingers and hoped that Krups worked out the kinks with this new model. I had to wait 2 months for the coffee maker as it was ordered before it was released and I am so happy to say that the 2 month wait was MORE THEN worth it!!”…from Amazon.com.

When our old Cuisinart Grind and Brew bit the dust, I researched the options. Conical burr grinder, many options for brew strengths and quality, etc., convinced me to buy one despite some of the negative reviews. Product arrived promptly, in perfect condition. My wife (the non-technical one among us) set it up after reading the manual. Everything worked perfectly! Best cup of coffee in years!”…from Amazon.com.

The Conclusion

Overall, the Krups KM7000 burr grinder and coffeemaker delivers great tasting high-quality coffee with every brewed pot. It is definitely well worth every cent you pay for it. With features like an anti-drip valve, detachable filter basket, robust external case and a programmable digital control system, you can’t go wrong in buying this coffeemaker.

Purchase the KRUPS KM7000 10-Cup Grind and Brew Coffee Maker with Stainless Steel Conical Burr Grinder today from your nearest appliance store or from an online site and experience the best coffee you’ll ever taste right at the comforts of your home!

Mr. Coffee BVMC-SJX33GT Review

About the Mr. Coffee BVMC-SJX33GT

For millions of people, coffee is an integral part of the day. Nowadays, it isn’t uncommon to find or know someone who can drink more than 5 cups of coffee a day. Cafes, coffee shops and restaurants are flocking in with coffee lovers and are never short of such audience. Unfortunately, drinking coffee at these establishments can be a considerable expense and a budget cruncher.

Why not purchase Mr. Coffee BVMC-SJX33GT coffeemaker to avoid such expenses? For years, Mr. Coffee has been launching an exciting product line of coffee and tea-making products. The company’s hallmark was their automated-drip kitchen coffee machines.

With years worth of experience in this field, Mr. Coffee has garnered reputation and credibility unmatched by other manufacturers. Debuting under the brand, will Mr. Coffee BVMC-SJX33GT 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker be able to hold up against other competitors on the market? Let’s find out.

What It’ll Do For You

If you are looking for a coffee machine that’ll give you a hot delicious cup of coffee fast, easy and simple, the Mr. Coffee BVMC-SJX33GT is a great choice. The Mr. Coffee BVMC-SJX33GT is a 12-cup programmable coffeemaker that is priced reasonably. Similar with the brand’s former versions and models, the Mr. Coffee BVMC-SJX33GT features many great functions including Brew Pause N’ Serve, programmable coffee taste and flavor, smart water filtration system and a safety 2-hour auto shut off.

Appearance-wise, the Mr. Coffee BVMC-SJX33GT coffee brewer isn’t exactly your smallest and lightest option. Nonetheless, at a weight of 6.8 pounds, the coffeemaker is still easy to transport. You can bring it for secondary homes, outdoor cook-outs, camping and virtually anywhere that’s got a working power outlet.

With a length of 11.1 inches and a width of 9.1 inches, the coffee brewer is also fairly easy to store. You can squeeze it in any tight space or corner for maximum space conservation. But with its stylish black and white design sporting silky smooth lines and sleek curves, who’d want to place this beauty on the side, right?

Recognized and lauded as one of the best products last 2011 by a reputed consumer research magazine, Mr. Coffee BVMC-SJX33GT boasts an intuitive and complete control panel with buttons easily accessible and visible for use. The panel is also very modernistic in design, enabling the appliance to blend well with any particular kitchen style it’s placed into.

Aside from functionality and design, taste is also a factor important for any cup of coffee. Can this Mr. Coffee brew coffee comparable to five-star cafes and coffee shops? Certain features including the Fresh Brew Timer and programmable coffee taste and flavor help in producing the perfect hot brewed pot. So are there any other pros and highlight features for this coffeemaker in particular?


12-Cup Brewing Capacity. This Mr. Coffee brewer can process up to 12 cups of hot, fresh coffee with its large capacity container. The brewing cycles are also conveniently faster and doesn’t go beyond the 5-minute mark standard for many professional coffeemakers.

Brew Pause N’ Serve. This particular feature enables you to pour a cup of coffee even if the coffeemaker is in mid-brew. This gives you the convenience of drinking your favorite cup of coffee before you leave early work.

2-Hour Auto Shut Off. This preserves the coffee’s flavor, aroma and hotness for up to two hours after which the coffeemaker shuts off automatically. Aside from being a total convenience, it also provides security and safety by eliminating the risk of the machine overheating and catching on fire.

Detachable Filter Basket. Simply lift up for speedy and effortless filling and cleanup. Users who aren’t really eager when it comes to maintenance and refilling can find the task easier and simpler to accomplish.

Special Cleaning Cycle. Complementing the detachable filter basket, this feature offers quicker and effortless cleaning for your coffeemaker. This conserves both time and labor used up on the job. Enjoy your coffee without minimal responsibilities. This feature ultimately leads to better performance and longer life cycle since regular cleanups are complied with.

Stainless Steel Design. Boasting a durable and metallic stainless steel design, the coffeemaker is extremely robust and, at the same time, effectively stores the heat, aroma and flavor for much longer periods of time.

Programmable Interface. With this Mr Coffee brewer, you’ll be able to mix up your coffee and explore other styles and flavors possible. You can also program other functions for a more convenient and efficient operation every day.

Permanent Filter. Included in the package is a permanent filter. You’ll save tons of money from having to buy multiple short-term filters every month or so.

Chlorine Minimization. The coffeemaker minimizes chlorine in water by up to 98% with its water filtration system.

Water Window. This enables for easier filling of the water reservoir and gives you an idea of when it is almost depleted, so you can refill it. With this, you are guaranteed with a supply of coffee every day all yearlong.

Customer Reviews

Purchased this coffee maker at local retailer after trying but returning a KitchenAid with thermal carafe. The Mr Coffee is 1/2 the price and twice the function. The optional thermal carafe can be substituted for the glass carafe and the machine automatically detects the carafe and adjusts by turning the hot plate on (glass) or off (thermal. Has all the functions of the best coffee makers. Makes great coffee at a temperature that is hot enough to make the coffee taste good without being so hot that it burns the coffee.”…from Amazon.com.

Overall it makes good coffee and is probably the highest quality coffee maker in its price range. If you are a true coffee aficionado then you will want to spring for a more upscale coffee maker (look at the Cuisinart), but for the average coffee drinker this machine works great!”…from Amazon.com.

The Conclusion

Overall, the Mr. Coffee BVMC-SJX33GT 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker is a great purchase for your money, whether you’re the casual drinker or the coffee addict. With up to 12 cups per brewing cycle, this coffeemaker is ideal for larger groups or for intense drinking frequencies. Purchase your Mr. Coffee BVMC-SJX33GT today at your local appliance store or online site.

Hamilton Beach BrewStation 47454 Review

Hamilton Beach BrewStation 47454 12-Cup Coffeemaker

The unique Hamilton Beach 47454 BrewStation Deluxe 12-Cup Coffeemaker derives its name for its unique design. The built in thermal tank keeps the coffee hot until ready to serve. Because the temperature is controlled inside the tank there is no need to worry about coffee acquiring a burnt taste caused by traditional warming plates.

Other features are the digital clock, water filter replacement alert and water measurement markings. Included are both permanent coffee filter and water filters. The coffee station is black plastic with stainless steel trim. The Hamilton Beach BrewStation 47454 measures 14-1/2 by 8-3/4 by 10-3/4 and comes with a one year warranty.

Here’s What’s in it For You

The ability to serve up a cup mid brew makes the Hamilton Beach BrewStation 47454 nice for anyone on the go. It is all one piece and there is no coffee pot to cause messy spills. Press the lever with mug in hand for a single serving. There are four brew cycles for your convenience; normal, flavor plus, 1-4 cups and decaffeinated.

The Hamilton Beach BrewStation 47454 can be programmed to start automatically so coffee is ready when you awake. For your convenience there is an auto shut off setting that you can program. No need for the messy paper filters. The beautiful gold tone coffee filter is a snap to dump and then rinse by the faucet.

Pros of Owning the Hamilton Beach BrewStation 47454

12-cup coffee storage tank with internal brewing system with no need for a carafe

Single hand dispensing for convenience with no drips or spills

4 brew cycles

Pause brewing to grab a quick cup of coffee on the go

Thermal-lined insulation to ensure coffee stays hot without burning while preventing evaporation

Large digital clock and timer; programmable for automatic brew

Automatic settings that allow you to program desired shut off time

Permanent Gold Tone filter and water filters included

Measures 14-1/2 by 8-3/4 by 10-3/4 inches for minimal storage requirements

1-year warranty

Customer Reviews

I just got the Hamilton Beach BrewStation 47454 today, after months of reading, looking around, and pondering whether or not it was going to be worth the money. I’ve always loved the look of it, especially the cool blue glowing display, but would it work as great as it looks? Well, as I sit here enjoying my first cup of perfect hazelnut coffee, I can say that so far, it’s wonderful!”—From Amazon.com

So, I’ve been using this Hamilton Beach BrewStation 47454 for a few weeks now and everything is still great! But, I wanted to throw a couple of things out there for anyone contemplating their purchase. My only real complaint is that there’s no audible signal to let you know that the coffee’s done or that the 4 hour warming period is over.”—From Amazon.com

What Should You Do Next?

If you are shopping for a coffeemaker and convenience and style are important to you, consider purchasing the Hamilton Beach BrewStation 47454. It is available online at a variety of outlets and in stores everywhere. The sleek design and modern features are sure to impress your friends and business associates alike.

This coffeemaker is sure to be a nice addition to any office because of the no mess design and easy to operate functions. If you are the last person out of the office at night, imagine being able to set the coffee maker up to brew just before you arrive at the office in the morning. A hot tank of coffee can be waiting for the staff as soon as they arrive!

Should you entertain guests the Hamilton Beach BrewStation 47454 performs like a pro! The automatic setting capabilities allow you to set the brew times to start later during the visit if necessary. It makes clean up a breeze as there will be no spills during serving. Guests who like stronger coffee can take their servings early in the brewing process if they wish. Your guests will be impressed with the small appliance’s sleek design and modern features.

If the purchase of this product is simply for daily use in the home, the convenience and ease of use will be most appreciated. The clock and timer make this coffee maker fun to use because you will always have coffee on time with its special delayed start feature. Since it allows you to set the time for delayed brewing it gives you ease of mind as you go about your daily schedule.

It is nothing short of having a personal assistant. Even though the programming goes to you it still offers you the option of taking care of it when you can and not when disaster hits and you are stuck without java!

There are many outlet stores, malls, kitchen stores and regular department stores that carry this coffee maker. It is also available online at a variety of outlets. There are many types of discounts and coupons that are offered depending on where the purchase is made.

The one year warranty makes the purchase less risky with extended warranties available for purchase through some stores. A call to the Hamilton Beach customer service department revealed that in some cases returns for faulty product was not even necessary. On occasion under one certain circumstance they will ask the customer to cut the cord and discard the product and just report the warranty information. The replacements will then be shipped to the customer’s home.

It seems like this is a perfect coffee maker for any situation. Why not consider one as a gift or for yourself. With today’s busy schedules and life’s hectic pace, no home can afford to be without the Hamilton Beach BrewStation 47454 12-Cup Coffeemaker. Shop today for your new coffee maker. It does not just make coffee; it makes more room in your busy schedule. Once this coffee maker is in use for a short time, customers wonder how they ever lived without it!

Cuisinart DCC-1200 Review

What is Cuisinart DCC-1200 ?

Finding a the perfect coffee maker can be a difficult task. There are so many to choose from and all offer completely and almost entirely different features. So how do you choose? Coffee makers should be simple appliances that are easy to use. And everyone wants to be able to brew the perfect cup of coffee at the convenience of their own home.

The cuisinart dcc-1200 is a suitable coffee maker. It is programmable and makes up to 12 cups of coffee per batch. It comes in several very fashionable colors such as black/metal, black chrome, a matte black metal, metallic pink, and metallic red. This is perfect for choosing a coffee maker that can fit in almost any setting.

This coffee maker is very modern looking and is revamped it’s looked from any other old coffee makers. With this product you may also add on several other accessories such as a metal filter. As you can imagine, this coffee maker is very fashionable

Here’s What It’ll Do For You

When you use this product it will truly be an awakening experience. You’ll get a perfect brew every time. The cuisinart dcc-1200 comes with an option to set the temperature of your coffee with the simplicity of turning a nob. This is perfect for those who love their coffee extra hot or for those who may choose or prefer a nice warm option which allows you to sip your coffee with ease.

Most coffee drinkers are hesitant to take the first sip of coffee as they run the risk of burning their lips or tongue. With the Coffeemaker, you won’t have to worry about ruining your taste buds with the temperature setting nob. It has the option of keeping the temperature at a low, medium, or high option.

I suggest high for those who like to add milk or cream and sugar to their coffee. The cuisinart dcc-1200 is very simple to use and you can brew your coffee with just a few buttons. Coffee drinkers also usually tend to be on the go. This Coffeemaker offers a small screen in which you may program the hour and minutes of the day so that you are always aware of the time!

This Coffeemaker has a self-clean feature and a self clean function! The cuisinart dcc-1200 programmable coffee maker will let you know when it is time to clean your machine with the indication of a red light. The money you end up paying for the cuisinart dcc-1200 will surely pay for itself. Alternatively you can opt for keurig coffee makers as well, which are really awestruck when it comes to quality of brewed coffee.

People are also forgetful. With the cuisinart dcc-1200 you can save electricity and save some money on your energy bill by using the auto off feature. You may be able to program this coffee maker any of the 24 hours of the day so that it turns off. It may also shut off after up to four hours after brewing.

It also contains a safety feature in which if you are brewing coffee and would like to pour yourself a cup while the machine is on, you can! What happens is that the machine will stop brewing once your take out your carafe and will return to brewing when the carafe is put back in place.

The shower head feature of this particular brewing machine showers all over your coffee utilizing every grounded coffee bean ensuring the flavor of your brew. The filter holder the coffee maker has allows the option of placing a charcoal water filter that removes odor from your coffee. How can one say no to such a great coffee maker?

Cuisinart DCC-1200 Pros

no more waits are your local coffee shop

you’ll save money by brewing your own coffee

great for guests

modern design, fit’s in any household

comes in many different colors

has a programable clock

self-cleaning feature

keeps your coffee warm

automatically turns off when you want it to

washable and reusable filter

easy to find replacement filters

up to twelve cups per brew

low, medium, high temperature feature

coffee shops are too expensive

gratification by doing it yourself

convenient, and easy to use

basket filters are easier to use then regular paper filters

Honest Customer Reviews

I’ve had the Cuisinart DCC-1200 for about a week now. I was hesitant to spend so much on a coffee maker but I’m happy to report it’s well worth it. Sure, you can get other brands of coffee makers for under $25 if economy is the most important feature, but I’ve had those machines and I decided that, this time, a good cup of coffee was most important for me. This unit makes the best coffee I’ve had in a home or office machine and better than most coffee I’ve had in restaurants.” from Amazon.com

With my prior experience with Cuisinart products I would definitely recommend this product to others. The shipping was very quick and the entire ordering process was a breeze.” from Wallmart.com

Here’s What I Want You To Do Next

The Cuisinart DCC-1200 has so many plus sides from the aesthetics to it’s actual function that it is perfect for business settings or even the convenience of being at home for your own personal use and coffee pleasure. You’ll save so much money with it’s capacity to brew up to 12 cups of coffee and there will be no more hassle at the lines at your local coffee shop that can run you the risk of being late to work or just being late in general.

The price is a steal. I believe in the saying you get what you pay for. You could just purchase a cheap coffee maker but you also run the risk of not enjoying a nice brew of coffee. This machine are for those who are savvy and believe in quality versus quantity.

This coffee maker is for the modern coffee drinker. This particular machine is for the coffee lovers. There’s nothing like the smell of a fresh cup of brewed coffee in the morning.

Melitta 46892 Review

A review of the Melitta 46892

The Melitta 46892 is a 10-cup thermal coffee maker. The brewing temperature is much hotter with the Melitta than with standard espresso makers so you get a richer more robust flavor from your coffee. The included Melitta coffee filters are made from a cone filter design that extracts coffee better than traditional coffee filters.


The Melitta 10-cup coffee maker is designed for convenience and the production of a great cup of coffee. Prepare coffee to suit your tastes with the ease of modern technology using Melitta’s many convenience features. The whole coffee brewing system is constructed of durable stainless steel. Among its many features there is an automatic shut-off button that allows you to program how long the coffee brews before shutting off. Use the automatic pause and serve function to lift and remove the coffee container and serve one cup without allowing the coffee to cool.

Convenience of Using the Melitta 10-Cup Coffee Maker

The temperature is sealed in and thermally regulated with the vacuum sealed thermal carafe. The carafe features drip-free pouring. Load your favorite coffee bean in the swing-out easy access filter basket, while using this electric coffee maker which allows the user to indulge in the luxury of European coffee makers made to deliver a premium coffee experience. After two hours the Melitta 46892 is automatically shut-off preventing any concern about starting a fire.

Piping Hot Coffee

The Melitta reaches 195 degrees Fahrenheit for 6 or more minutes, allowing it to pass the Consumer Reports performance test. Convenience is another feature measured by their report. The reservoir is easily filled, the filter easily replaced, it’s easy to determine how much coffee remains in the carafe, it’s easy to clean the complete brewing system and the controls are easy to read without difficulty. The coffee is released from the dispenser by pressing the dispenser lever, which is also easy to control with one hand. Consumer Reports rates the Melitta 46892 as very good to excellent.

Purchasing the Melitta 10-Cup Coffee Maker

The Melitta 46892 ranges in price from $63.00 – $99.00 depending on where you buy it. It could be purchased online at Amazon, or at major stores like Macy’s, Wal-Mart, Sears, Target and Kmart and many other retail outlets. Judge the value of the coffee maker for yourself after you review its benefits.


Brews flavorful cups of coffee
Hotter brewing temperatures
Thermal stainless steel carafe holds coffee at best temperature
Uses Melitta brand and other brands of coffee
It has three brew strengths, regular, bold and robust
Programmable Features
Automatic 2-hour Shut-off
The carafe is non-breakable
You can handle the carafe with one hand
The higher placement of the controls prevents damage from being overflowing coffee
Control information appears in a very bright blue LED light
The Melitta is easy to clean

Appearance of the Melitta Coffee Maker

With the large number of good qualities this coffee maker has, buying one almost seems like a no-brainer. Naturally, you’ll need to consider if it meets your needs and if you like its appearance. Standing at 16 inches tall it is a sleek looking mixture of stainless steel filter area and dispenser surrounded by a black body.

A single person would not necessarily need a 10-cup coffee maker, but a large household or amall business might find its capacity for making 10 cups of coffee in any one batch the perfect match. The price points may be high for some, but it is a middle of the road price and the coffee maker comes with a 1-year limited warranty. The product weighs 9.4 pounds so it’s easily maneuvered around the kitchen and it has a small footprint measuring only 10 x 12.1 x 16 inches.

Customer Comments

It has a 3.9 rating out of 5 stars from Amazon.com. Amazon consumers who used this coffee maker offered their own individual review of the coffee maker. One customer who purchased the coffee maker had this to say. They liked the “piping hot coffee” produced by the Melitta 46892. They were amazed by the brew strength, “Brew strength is a nice way to use less coffee and extract more flavor…more noticeable with fine grounds.” The Melitta also comes with a bonus feature, “Bonus, you can make iced coffee with this one! Fill the carafe with ice, double coffee grounds and brew (directions in the manual). YUM!” They also felt it was a good value for the money, “I read about all the others available Dec. 2011, and this seemed the best bang for the buck!…BUY IT!”

melitta 46892 review

Here’s what a Wal-Mart shopper had to say about the Melitta 46892, “4 cup a day coffee drinker (3 in morn, 1 in the afternoon)adding lots of cream, spouse proclaimed, “coffee snob”, prefer light/medium roasts brewed robust/bold. I looked for 2 months and purchased/returned 3 other coffee pots. This Melitta was the only one that did the following: made great tasting coffee (cone filter helped!), brewed hot, had a carafe that never dribbled or spilled, had a thermal carafe and was simple to fill/prepare.” The only drawback she mentioned was due to the way she consumes coffee during the day, not the Melitta’s performance. “I do have to pre-heat carafe with hot water because I tend to drink my cups of coffee over a 2-hour period and the last cup will be “just warm” if I do not pre-heat…

Here’s What I Want You to Do Next

Overall the Melitta 46892 is a great coffee maker if the consumers have good judgment and all we can go by is the consensus of consumers. After all, the consumer drives the demand and so far the Melitta 10-cup coffee maker is meeting that demand. It’s time to join the ranks of the many satisfied consumers drinking well brewed, hot coffee.

Capresso 464.05 Review

What is Capresso 464.05 ?

Coffee plays a key role in the lives of millions of people. It is something that can uplift the spirit and improve the mood. It is one of the small yet valued things in life that many people look forward to the next day. And with the Capresso 464.05, coffee lovers around the world will definitely be looking forward to another great day.

The Capresso 464.05 CoffeeTeam GS 10-Cup Digital Coffeemaker with Conical Burr Grinder is a great investment to bring home rather than suffer expensive coffee at cafes and coffee shops. For countless years, Capresso has been gracing us with high-quality coffee and tea-making appliances, ranging from coffeemakers to electric water kettles. The company’s reputation and services have grown from local markets to more than 50 countries at date.

The Capresso 464.05 carries the experience, reputation and cutting edge technology that the company has been able to establish and perfect over time. So what’s with the Capresso 464.05? Is it really a good value for your money? Can it really go head to head with other top-of-the-line products on the market? Below is a detailed review for the 464.05 coffeemaker from Capresso.

Here’s What It’ll Do For You

The Capresso 464.05 is a 10-cup digital coffeemaker and a cylindrical burr grinder that’s included in the Coffee Team GS. The coffeemaker is well designed and sports a rather sleek and modernistic style. The product is the first ever on its market to be fully programmable and a combination of both a burr grinder and coffeemaker.

The professional, stainless steel cylindrical burrs have five grinder modes that grind the coffee beans in the texture you desire, from fine to coarse. This yields adjustable coffee strength and flavor, something many coffee lovers would want to have control of. The gradual burr grinding process provides minimal heat that saves greater aroma and flavor.

There is a 6-ounce coffee bean reservoir and a transparent window that enables you to observe if the ground coffee is smoothly flowing into the filtration container. There is a removable transparent lid for easy and convenient cleanups and maintenance of the grinder tunnel.

One of the most attractive features for the Capresso 464.05 coffeemaker and burr grinder is its digital control interface with an easily readable illuminated liquid crystal display. Not many offer such feature partnered with affordable pricing. With this digital LCD screen, the coffeemaker and burr grinder becomes an absolute eye-candy and makes for a stylish appliance to include at home.

You will also love the Conical burr Grinder and Direct Feed Technology from Capresso 464.05. Simply pour the coffee beans into the brewer, set the programmable clock and timer and enter the amount of coffee to grind. After which, just sit back and the coffeemaker will do the rest. With the Capresso 464.05, you get full control of how your coffee will taste, from its strength to the flavor. The only difference is, you don’t have to pay much or put effort just to get quality results.


Conical Burr Grinder and Direct Feed Technology. Capresso really went all out on designing this lovely specimen. The Direct Feed feature makes it much simpler and more convenient for users to brew their coffee in the exact amount and strength they want. No more having to manually ground the coffee beans and measure the precise amount to use. Simply open the brewer, pour the beans, and set the program time and ground coffee amount.

Five Grinding Modes. Now you can experiment on your coffee and achieve different flavors with this coffeemaker’s 5 different grinding modes that enable you to adjust the ground consistency thus changing its strength and flavor.

Space Saver. This Capresso coffeemaker is an absolute space saver with its compact and sleek design that manages to fit anywhere you want it to. This makes storing the machine when not in use a breeze. Furthermore, with a weight of 11 pounds, you can bring it anywhere you want to or relocate the machine when needed without spraining your back or encountering any hassles or issues.

Brew with/without the Grinder. You can choose to brew with or without the grinder, depending on how you want your coffee to taste.

2-hour Automatic Shut Off. The Caoresso 464.05 coffeemaker automatically shuts off itself after being left idle for 2 hours. This safety feature will give users the peace of mind that their coffeemaker isn’t in trouble from overheating or causing fire.

6oz Bean Container. A large enough 6oz bean container offers up to 10 cups of coffee per brewing cycle. This is sufficient even for get-together with friends and family gatherings.

Brew Pause N’ Serve. This feature enables users to get coffee from the machine even if the brewing cycle isn’t finished yet. This is great for instances where you have to leave for work or school, but you want to have a sip of your favorite coffee first.

Programmable Clock and Timer. You get full control of the brewing time for your coffee. This enables you to further adjust the taste and consistency of your coffee.

Honest Customer Reviews

This Capresso is well made, nicely packaged, and has all the features I want:
– Fineness of grind is controlled with 5 possible settings
– Amount of beans ground (from the hopper that holds approx. 2-3 pots of beans) is settable in 2-cup increments from 2 to 10 cups.
– “Aroma” (i.e. darkness & flavor) is controlled with 3 settings, which in combination with other controls seems designed to yield every possible preference for “perfect” coffee.
”…from Amazon.com.

I’m a Top 1000 Reviewer here at Amazon, but haven’t reviewed anything in years — until now. The Capresso 464 compelled me. Enter the Capresso CoffeeTeam GS, which solves all of my problems with its ingenious design. No longer do you have to measure the coffee. The CoffeeTeam GS will brew from 2 to 10 cups automatically, grinding just the right amount of beans with no guesswork. Cleanup is a breeze.”…from Amazon.com.

Here’s What I Want You To Do Next

Overall, the Capresso 464.05 coffeemaker/burr grinder is an elite contender in its respective market segment. Make sure to purchase the product right away to save tons of money as well as to get the cup of coffee you want!

Whether its style, performance or affordability you are looking for, the Capresso 464.05 CoffeeTeam GS 10-Cup Digital Coffeemaker with Conical Burr Grinder has it all.

Bunn-O-Matic Coffee Maker Review

What is Bunn-O-Matic Coffee Maker ?

Is your wallet suffering from the steep costs of coffee bought at local coffee shops and restaurants? Rather than shell out money every time you want a cup of coffee at cafes, why not just buy your own coffeemaker? If you are really crazy fan of coffee, you should own some espresso machine. You can find so many espresso makers such as keurig espresso machines which are value for money.

One of the bets coffeemakers in the market today is a Bunn-O-Matic Coffee Maker. For countless years, the Bunn Corporation has been a leading manufacturer and designer of coffee and tea-making products. Mainly based in Springfield, Illinois, the Bunn brand continues to grow and expand its company in global scales.

The Bunn-O-Matic Coffee Maker is a great option for those who desire ultimate performance from a professional coffeemaker without the steep expenses. Furnished in commercial-grade stainless steel with a black and silver finish, the Bunn-O-Matic Coffee Maker is a worthy trophy to include in any coffee lover’s kitchen area. Yet underneath its stylish and elegant design, pure muscle awaits. The Bunn-O-Matic Coffee Maker can brew up to 10 cups or 50 ounces of fresh, hot and delicious coffee in an instant.

For those who wish to save up on their coffee indulging expenses, the Bunn-O-Matic 10C Blk Coffee Brewer Grx-B Drip Coffee Makers 10 Cup is a great choice. Here are some features and capabilities you can expect from the Bunn-O-Matic.

What It’ll Do For You

The Bunn-O-Matic Coffee Maker is a high velocity coffee brewer from Bunn. Capable of delivering a hot brewed pot in just a few minutes, this coffeemaker features a wondrous array of capabilities befitting any coffee lover’s needs and desires. An entire brewing cycle is accomplished in 3 minutes for those who want to get an early jump on their long busy day.

In terms of design, the Bunn-O-Matic coffeemaker is a true beauty, combining a simple and modern style you just cannot say no to. The product is also very lightweight and compact, perfect for RVs, camping activities or those with secondary homes. You can effortlessly and conveniently transport the coffee machine wherever you fancy it, at the kitchen countertop, living room area or even your bedroom, virtually anywhere with a power outlet.

But what about its functionality? The brewing capacity, power and speed are qualities that are most important for coffeemakers. Similar with its former versions and its Bunn siblings, the Bunn-O-Matic coffee maker is fitted with the brand’s patented Bunn Fast-Brew technology that is highly useful every time. The controls and switches are also made easy, convenient and classy with a programmable panel for auto start and other functions. This gives users the privilege to wake up in the morning with a hot freshly brewed pot waiting for them in the kitchen area.

Bunn-O-Matic Coffee Maker Pros

Prepares coffee fast and simple. Get your fix of delicious and flavorful coffee in an instant with the Bunn-O-Matic coffee maker. The machine brews up to 50 ounces of coffee in as fast as 3 minutes.

Programmable auto-start function. The auto-start function is tremendously useful, especially for drinking coffee during late nights or early mornings. You can set when the coffeemaker will power on and start brewing. With this function, the user is spared a significant amount of time from having to do it manually.

Detachable filter. A removable filtration system offers you the luxury of easy and simple cleaning. Simply flip out the filter, rinse and dry, and flip it back in. This also makes it easier for filling purposes.

Time with digital display. The feature not only enables users to view brewing time and set other functions, but also adds design value for the product.

Stainless steel design. Lined with commercial-grade stainless steel, the product is able to keep all the flavor and heat inside for consistent great-tasting hot cups anytime and every time you need it. Furthermore, a stainless steel design gives a robuster and more durable structure.

Cost-efficient. Considering its got the features and capabilities of higher-end models and brands, the Bunn O Matic coffeemaker sports a more economical price that fits any limited budget.

Customer Reviews

It will not make a latte but if you want a good cup of coffee in less time it takes to brush your teeth this it it.

Ps. I have had other coffee makers that start with B and sell for over 100.00 and it just made it past one year. this Bunn will last many years to come and just think they make replacement parts. The last coffee maker I will ever buy thank you BUNN”…from Amazon.com.

When I was looking to purchase a new machine, I only was looking for a Bunn. Bunn makes the best coffee machines, none can compare. Every diner, coffee house, and Dunkin’ Donuts only use Bunn machines. The A10 is one great machine! Brews perfect cups of coffee hot and quickly. Everyone in my office is very happy with the unit. If you’re a serious coffee drinker, please don’t cheap out on a Mr.Coffee, Braun or Krupps– frankly they cannot brew coffee at the speed, temperature, or taste of a Bunn unit. I bought the A10 to replace a Bunn unit that I used for 10 years without a glitch.”…from Amazon.com.


To wrap things up, the Bunn-O-Matic coffee maker truly is a great coffeemaker for those with exceptional taste and high quality coffee needs. Bunn-O-Matic coffee makers can be found every where, from diners to coffee houses and now you can bring home a Bunn coffeemaker right into your household.

Make great tasting coffee in less than 5 minutes with the Bunn O Matic. And what’s great about this is that you won’t have to pay a hefty amount but still get the cafe-quality coffee or even better. The price is also significantly better than other models and brands on the market with comparable specs and features. The design attributes are also impeccable with an attractive stainless steel finish and black panels located all throughout the machine.

Buy your own Bunn-O-Matic 10C Blk Coffee Brewer Grx-B Drip Coffee Makers 10 Cup today and experience the great tasting, money-saving and time conserving hot cup of coffee you’ve always wanted to have inside your humble abode.

Braun KF600 Review

What is Braun KF600?

This coffee maker has incredible features on it and it will make quality coffee for the whole family. The main colors of this product are black and gray. The bottom part has a coffee pitcher. The top part has a coffee part where you load the coffee into the bottom part. The back part of the product is the base. Coffee has so many nutritional benefits and it also helps you to boost your productivity.

The base basically holds up everything in place so that it can operate properly. There is a red button to turn it on or off. This coffee maker looks professionally made and is made out of stainless steal. Braun kf600 also has a pause and serve function on it. The product is also strong and sturdy with a lock feature on it.

Here’s What It’ll Do For You

It can brew your coffee for hours without the hassle to it. You can make quality coffee by using fresh nuts and water. You won’t have to worry about messing it up with bad pitchers. The maker has a pour and lock system that will keep the coffee from running out which is not a good idea.

The Braun KF600 Impressions 10-Cup Thermal Coffeemaker, Brushed Stainless Steel will help you grain all of the ingredients together to make it even. This means that it is better than other coffee brewers because of it’s professionalism. A cup can be pour mid brew and won’t spill anywhere. Being poured mid brew, the coffee will have adjustments to it for anyone who considers the usage.

Also, the Braun kf600 has an automatic shut off feature on it so that it goes off after usage. It won’t stay on after it has been used. This has been made for safety purposes only. The filter basket can be removed and placed on the table for cleaning with the use of a simple button. You can clean this basket easily and place it back onto the base for usage.

In order to clean this coffee maker, you have to use soap and water on it. You may use other cleaning products but, it is best to start with simple soap and water to get better results. Your coffee will always come out fresh with the Braun kf600 because of the two filters. The two filters will make the contents of the coffee great. The contents will be mixed in properly and won’t get mixed up with crumbs

You won’t have to stir the contents up at all. The motor is strong on the bottom of the base. It goes faster than other coffee makers and doesn’t burn out any time soon. It won’t burn out because it is top notch and commercial. This product has been tested and proven to work time and time again. It hasn’t shut down over time unlike other makers and blenders.

This means that the life span for this product is longer because of the service and the quality. This coffee maker will not produce a burnt coffee smell afterwards. This is because the timing is just right. You will not smell bad odors coming from this product at all. This lets you know that the Braun product is the real deal when it comes down to brewing coffee.

The product will have a replacement attachment to it so that you can clean the other attachment after usage. This will help you out with all of the features that are on the base. This coffee maker has an attractive look to it and can be used by anyone at any time. The coffee will always stay hot even after the delicious taste.

There is a plug that needs to be snap into place if you are using a separate filter for using the coffee in order to brew. The plug can be placed safely into the wall without any problems. The coffee maker blends in with the colors on the counter top. The rich colors make the product look like it is an impressive commercial maker without any major flaws on it.


Pause and serve function for easy capability purposes

It has a permanent gold tone filter and a Brita water filter for making coffee

It has a one year warranty in case something wrong happens with the product

Braun kf600 has a push and stop button for protection against excessive usage

You can serve a big family with this coffee maker on set

The water filter will make the contents easy and smooth without crampy results

Braun kf600 is easy to clean and replace on the table

Braun kf600 has an excellent motor installed on it

Honest Customer Reviews

What i like: It makes good coffee. Overall style is sleek and relatively compact (though i still miss the tiny footprint of my old melita). Detachable filter holder is handy for dumping old grounds and filling new ones. It’s simple – just an on/off switch. Carafe is shaped so that you don’t have to turn it basically upside down to get the last few cups (many thermal carafes have a big lip at the top which make it difficult to pour the bottom half of the pot.” From Amazon.com

Very attractive package, has heft and is solid, yet svelt and attractive on the counter. Go no further if you want an attractive and excellent thermal carafe performer. Some may want one with a timer, since I grind my beans right on the spot, and don’t trust a grind-and-brew for the consistent, excellent grind I am looking for this one was for me.” From Amazon.com

Here’s What I Want You To Do Next

Go to www.amazon.com and type in Braun kf600 in the search bar. Read the information found on this product. Buy this product right now and safe money. Just fill out the information with your name and your address. You must order the product after you have filled out your personal information online. You will definitely love working with this coffee maker.

Black & Decker DCM18S Review

What is Black & Decker DCM18S ?

The Black & Decker DCM18S Brew ‘n Go Personal Coffeemaker with Travel Mug is a deluxe personal coffee maker, and would be an ideal gift for someone who has a long commute to work every day, or for a student who wants to carry his/her coffee with him to school.

This coffee maker is intended for the coffee drinker that is on the go, it is very fast, easy to use and very simple. It is perfect for a house hold that has only one coffee drinker and makes a great 15 ounce travel mug of coffee, it then automatically shuts down and you can be on your way.

Carrying a one year warranty against defects, the Black & Decker DCM18S coffee maker has a glossy black plastic exterior and measures 9-3/4 inches high, 7 inches wide, and is 6 inches deep

Here’s What It’ll Do For You

The Black & Decker DCM18S coffee maker automatically brews the coffee right into a travel mug, and after which it automatically shuts itself off. It is great if you are in a hurry, but still want to have a quality cup of strong rich coffee, because all you have a to grab it, and you can be on your way. This is very practical for office professionals, students, commuters and homes where there is only one coffee drinker.

The coffee maker brews 15 ounces of hot rich coffee right into the travel mug that come with it. A stainless steel mug with a comfortable rubber handle that gives a safe grip, and with a lid to keep the coffee hot, makes it practical to grab and be on your way. The mug tappers down and has a bottom of 2 ½ inch which is ideal, as it fits into the cup holder of your car.

This coffee maker has a permanent filter built in. This means you don’t have to worry about running out of paper filters, which is one this less you have to worry and you don’t have to deal with cleaning up after messy filters. Cleaning it up is very quick and easy, as the mug, lid, built in filter and filter basket are all dish washer safe.

With the Black & Decker DCM18S coffee maker you are not just getting a great coffee machine, it will be a convenient asset to your kitchen as well. It can also be used to boil water for instant foods such as soup and oatmeal, as well as tea and hot chocolate.


You wont regret your purchase of a black & decker coffee maker. It is quick, compact and can fit just about anywhere. Here are some examples of why the Black & Decker DCM18S will help make your life worry and hassle free:

It is very quick; you can go from sleep to coffee in just a few minutes.

The built in dishwasher safe filter basket, makes in incredibly easy to clean up and put back together so it is ready for the next morning.

You don’t have to think about keeping disposable paper filters on hand.

The coffee gets brewed right in to the travel mug, so you just have to pick up and you are on your way.

The mug fits into all Black & Decker Brew ‘N Go coffee makers.

It comes with a 15-oz. stainless steel mug which tappers down to a 2 ½ inch bottom allowing it fit into the cup holder of your vehicle , and has a rubber handle that allows you have a safe and easy grip.

It brews just the right amount to fill the mug, so you can have fresh hot cup every time

It automatically shuts itself off after your travel mug has filled with coffee.

It can boil water that you can use for other purposes as well, which allows you to make hot chocolate, tea, soup or oatmeal

Honest Customer Reviews

This is my second Brew ‘N Go, and I really love it! The first one I had only lasted a month, but I notified amazon and they quickly replaced. That is what I call great customer service! It is small and neat as it fits on my desk without taking up too much place. It brews just enough for one cup at a time, so I get a fresh cup each time and I don’t have to waste any.” from Amazon.com

The black & decker dcm18s makes perfect strong hot coffee. The thermal cup is great to have as I can just pick it up and I am on my way, and it stays hot. The removable filter is awesome, it makes cleaning up so much easier and I don’t have to keep disposable paper filters on hand. Everything can go into the dishwasher. I don’t regret not investing in one of those bigger expensive coffee brewers. This doesn’t take up much space on my kitchen counter, and I can use my favorite coffee.” from Wallmart.com

Here’s What I Want You To Do Next

The Black & Decker DCM18S Brew ‘n Go Personal Coffeemaker with Travel Mug is really the most perfect and practical little coffee machine. It is ideal if you have a long commute to work when you want to take your coffee with you, and want it to stay hot. It can make life easier and hassle free, especially if you are the only coffee drinker in your home.

If you don’t like seeing coffee wasted and want to be able to make a fresh cup every time, the Black & Decker DCM18S is the solution for you, as it makes one 15 ounce cup a time, and automatically shuts off. This ensures that you don’t waste any coffee, and you get a fresh hot mug of every time.

Go ahead and get one and see for yourself, it will definitely please you. The Black & Decker DCM18S would also make an ideal gift for a friend, or someone you know at work who loves coffee.